About us

At present digital days, the formerly traditional handicrafts are turning to be something strange. Then we can hear about smithcraft, cabinet-making, and the like. So why could not exist an art engineering?

That, who takes interest in old engines, the products of our skilful forefathers, can see that their work has to be considered as an artwork. Who is fascinated by an incomparable grandiose sound of the aircraft radial engine, attending us for almost one hundred years, for him our products have been intended. The designer of them is an active aircraft modeller, having longtime skills in small arms and aircraft hydraulics design. The technologist is a programmer of multiaxial machine tools, exploited in special technologies of aircraft industry.

Therefore, in order to Your model utmost would be similar to a real airplane, our aim is to produce engines for models at first in retro style, nevertheless to be also applicable for a modern aerobatic models. As to the rest: is not today near every “gasoliner”, or “combuster” retro?